Marketing Consultants

Brand Strategy Experts

Every story has a journey and every journey needs a guide. Like a brilliant light shining on the path, these knowledgeable experts lead you on the road to success.

Brand strategy is our expertise and we leverage that wealth of experience to provide strategic consultation to set your course for success. When unexpected challenges arise, we are there to provide tactical solutions to keep you on target.

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Creative Branding Gurus

Your Guides on the Path to Success

At the beginning of every journey, there is uncertainty. Then the guide shows up and progress begins.

As our ancestors began to explore new possibilities, they used fire to light their path. In addition to providing light, it kept them warm, cooked their food, and defended their tribes. Ultimately allowing them to continue their story of growth and success.

At Edesen, this is our goal when providing digital marketing consultation services. We want to be your single source of multiple solutions to accelerate growth and achieve sustainable success. Whether you are just starting out on your journey or have lost your way, we have the experience and the expertise to guide you.

Benjamin Neupert

Marketing Geek


Ben’s multi-layered understanding of digital marketing and design has changed the digital landscape of business wherever he’s been. His ability to connect websites with automated marketing systems helps to optimize processes, generate maximum results, and drastically impact revenue.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Founded Edesen LLC in 2018
  • 9 inbound marketing certifications
  • 10 years of web development and inbound marketing campaigns
  • 15 years of graphic design
  • 100+ unique client engagements

Bojana Kikić

Mad Creative


Bojana is a visual artist that focuses on building engaging brand identities and packaging. She possesses vast experience in the fields of interior design, architecture, illustration, and graphic design. Her repertoire includes a range of abilities in traditional as well as contemporary art and ofter enjoys blurring the lines between the two styles. Her creations often focus on emotional influence through the use of colorful characters and animals. Her style is illustrative with meticulous attention to detail. Handmade illustrations reflect stunning depth of character, dedication, and story. These illustrations project a true feeling for the craft and evoke intense emotions of belonging.

  • 8 years of design experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
  • 150+ projects