Edesen’s Process

6D Marketing ProcessTM

Our Systematic Improvement Methodology

A methodology is only as effective as your willingness to consistently follow it. Oftentimes agencies skip one or more crucial stages when attempting to build a brand or devise an online strategy. At Edesen, we follow a proven methodology to deliver consistent and effective results. It is our strong belief that repetition improves efficiency while also eliminating costly mistakes. Below you will find an animated illustration of our proven 6D Process.

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Observe > Question > Collect

We begin every engagement with a thorough audit of your online presence and identify your strengths and what needs to be improved.


Predict > Analyze > Establish

With a clear understanding of your current situation identify the strategy and the specific products to address your marketing goals.


Brainstorm > Outline > Position

We can now begin to design your custom solution and outline the implementaition of the products we've identified for your success.


Introduce > Monitor > Optimize

Finally, we unleash your new strategy and report the progress, while continually optimizing to ensure your success.


Test > Edit > Validate

After the comprehensive development phase, we test and validate the performance of the products to make final adjustments for launch.



Build > Refine > Communicate

Next, we build and optimize the comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness to dominate your market.

Your journey to brilliant digital marketing is just 6 short steps away. Contact Edesen today and let’s do brighter together.