American Pregnancy Association

American Pregnancy Association Web Design, Development & SEO American Pregnancy Association had issues with every aspect of their website, from design to overall website performance. Edesen redesigned the entire site with a clean, modern look and feel. We were excited for the opportunity to correct this list of over 20,000 site errors including duplicate sitemaps […]


Crunchions Design Services Calbee America asked Edesen to design and develop an engaging site for the newest member of the Harvest Snaps brand, Crunchions. We incorporated the curved design and bright colors on the packaging with some subtle animations to create a fun user experience. Launch Site


Spudkins Web Development Calbee America asked us to design and develop a website for their newest product, Spudkins. We created a playful look and feel to compliment their creative packaging. Each section tells a story and creates a sense of movement. Launch Website

Harvest Snaps

HARVEST SNAPS WEB DEVELOPMENT When Calbee North America needed to showcase the latest flavors of their wholesome Harvest Snaps snack foods, they had two primary challenges. First, they needed strong digital marketing content to drive consumers to these new products in their new packaging. Secondly, they needed to make their existing site more interesting and functional. We were beyond excited […]

Popper Duos

POPPER DUOS WEB DEVELOPMENT Popper Duos, with its first ingredient as Veggies, and a deliciously baked crunch, this new snack brand from Calbee North America is a deliciously healthy treat. No artificial flavors or colors are used to ensure that consumers have a wholesome experience with the natural burst of flavors. For their temporary site, […]

Salad Toppers

SALAD TOPPERS WEB DEVELOPMENT Calbee America wanted a new website to showcase the latest addition to the Harvest Snaps’ brand, Salad Toppers. Launch Website

Psychedelic Robot

PSYCHEDELIC ROBOT WEB DEVELOPMENT The owners at Bivins Gallery needed a new website to showcase the newest pop-up art exhibit in Dallas, Psychedelic Robot. When they reached out to us, we were excited to discuss their vision.

San Joaquin

San Joaquin Portfolio

San Joaquin Web Development Calbee North America asked us to create a landing page for San Joaquin, their newest brand. These artisan crafted grain-free almond chips in healthy avocado oil are delicious and a healthier option to traditional potato chips.

Calbee North America

CALBEE NORTH AMERICA WEB DEVELOPMENT Big ideas require powerful solutions. That’s exactly what you need to have when dealing with a large company like Calbee and their 400 billion yen (that’s $5 billion) per year snack food market. The beauty of our digital marketing approach is that it can be tailored to meet the needs […]

Flying Pig

FLYING PIG GARDEN SUPPLY DESIGN SERVICES Excellent designer and a terrific communicator throughout the process. Presented us with a fresh, original creative concept that took us in a direction we weren’t expecting — and which quickly became a favorite. Would recommend Bojana for any design project, and look forward to working with her again on […]