Acuity Eyecare Group

Web Development

Project Overview

Conveying trust during uncertain times can be a challenge for any organization. This is especially true in an industry like healthcare where the ability to have faith in those providing services is critical to the future of that physician's practice. When Acuity Eyecare Group needed a new website strategy to convey confidence and conviction, we assured them that we were the right design team for the job.

By providing acquisition and operational support services to optometry practices, Acuity Eyecare Group strives to be a safe haven in the storm of the ever-changing healthcare climate. Most healthcare practitioners struggle to meet the needs of their patients on a daily basis. This leaves precious little team to focus on the business side of their optometry business. This is where Acuity can provide maximum value through collaboration, innovation, and strategic vision.

To help Acuity demonstrate these capabilities through an improved online presence, we set out to establish a solid framework that could expand as rapidly as their Eyecare Group could bring on new partner practices. Building upon the WordPress platform, we first developed a series of wireframes that made viewing critical information quick and easy.

We then developed a WordPress template that would allow new partner sites to be created with a similar layout that could be visually customized to each optometry practice. Clean designs, professional fonts and clever use of imagery help to portray the confidence and trust that Acuity aims to demonstrate to its partners.

As Acuity continues its mission of providing certainty in uncertain times, we will continue to be laser-focused on our commitment to helping them achieve their digital marketing objectives.