Calbee North America

Web Development

Project Overview

Big ideas require powerful solutions. That's exactly what you need to have when dealing with a large company like Calbee and their 400 billion yen (that's $5 billion) per year snack food market. The beauty of our digital marketing approach is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurial startups as well as global corporate entities.

Calbee North America is a thriving subsidiary of their parent company Calbee who currently controls nearly half of the booming Japanese snack food market. The goal for the North American subsidiary is to continue that explosive growth by cultivating the overseas business to be 30% of overall revenue by the year 2020. We are excited to be an integral part of this incredible opportunity.

Step one in helping them achieve this goal was to simplify the way in which their consumers can browse through their expansive line of wholesome and healthy snacks. In addition to their existing popular snack brands, Calbee North America has launched several new products and packaging redesigns in 2018. Through the use of an interactive and intuitive online platform, we were able to provide new and existing customers an easy-to-use digital experience that makes browsing and buying Calbee products a snap.

With their new digital framework in place, Calbee North America is now poised to continue the rapid rollout of exciting new products. The design allows for quick deployment of updated copy and optimized imagery for each of their product lines. The simplified and logical navigation flow can be easily modified to add new offerings to the user's browsing journey.

Calbee North America is passionate about bringing smiles to the faces of their global customers. We are equally as passionate about our ability to support them on this journey to build a worldwide healthy community.