Design Services

Project Overview

Ghost is a professional communications service I created to expand the reach of young business leaders, brands, and organizations.

Ghost supports clients in their pursuit of growth and leadership through business, by engineering remarkable written and digital content to help them communicate with power, purpose, and supernatural precision. This includes everything from general ghostwriting/copywriting (which includes things like writing speeches, presentations, press releases, grant writing, crisis communications, and proposals), résumé writing and design, to portfolio development and design, website design, and other services in the realm of communication/public relations.

They wanted to lean more towards the high-tech, innovative, futuristic/contemporary and corporate aspects but have a nice twist and theatrical element that sees the ghost/occult/metaphysical aspects seasoned on top to complete the recipe.

The important thing was to make sure any items created don’t feel too dark or scare away potential customers who might be a bit more superstitious or religious.

We landed on geometric design with aspects of futuristic symbols or language.It was important to keep the design elegant, not overly complicated. We continued the story of mystique by adding geometric shapes in a way that logo radiates over the space. New added elements on business card and the rest of items are low in contrast adding to the esoteric look.They enriched and accentuate logo without crowding it.

What a wonderful and prompt experience working with Bojana. I gave her plenty of time to work on a complicated request and she still delivered in half the expected time frame, and exceeded my expectations with what she delivered. She has a brilliant and imaginative eye, able to interpret your brand aesthetic with great precision, is very easy to work with and I'm definitely expecting to work with her again soon. Highly, highly recommend.

- Christopher Williams
Ghost Communications