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Project Overview

The beauty of modern digital marketing is in its flexibility to adapt to any project. This is perfectly evident in our work with wildflower floral artist Meghan Fletcher of Good Grace and Humour Florist. She specializes in creating visually stunning floral arrangements that utilize off-beat elements that accentuate the beauty of traditional flowers.

The first challenge was to create a logo that showcased the free-flowing style of Meg's creations. Since she does not use any floral foam in her arrangements, we needed to capture the natural beauty of her stem by stem style of floristry. We also needed to incorporate a theme that showcased the creativity of her artistic ideas in their naturally flowing form. The result is a visually appealing yet simple design that showcases the artist's unique creativity and her commitment to natural beauty.

Armed with this new logo, we then set out to design a business card as unique as Meg's creations. To accentuate this theme, we opted for non-traditional sizing and customized social media icons. The resulting postcard sized design provides two unique advantages for Meg and her blossoming floral business. First, the larger card size more clearly showcases her creative talents. Secondly, the postcard size is less likely to get misplaced.

The newly designed logo flowed easily to graphic t-shirts as well as her company website. The colorful design shows a clear connection between the artist and her work and now it can easily connect new customers to her products and services.

Our project with Meghan and her Good Grace and Humour Florist business is a shining example of how we can apply the science of digital marketing to the free-flowing creativity of a true artist and her untamed, artistic creations. The result is the perfect marriage of digital business savvy and wild artistic flair.

Bojana is so clever with her illustration. She took this design to a whole new level! Love, love. And looking forward to working with her again in the future.

- Meghan Fletcher
Good Grace and Humour Florist