Harvest Snaps

Web Development

Project Overview

When Calbee North America needed to showcase the latest flavors of their wholesome Harvest Snaps snack foods, they had two primary challenges. First, they needed strong digital marketing content to drive consumers to these new products in their new packaging. Secondly, they needed to make their existing site more interesting and functional. We were beyond excited to help them achieve these objectives. 

Calbee is capitalizing on the continued growth of healthy eating habits in North America as well as the ultra-convenience of ordering food items online. The Harvest Snaps line of healthy snacks fit these markets perfectly. Made from non-GMO, wholesome ingredients such as snap peas, black beans, and lentils, they make the perfect healthy alternative to standard snacks.

To solve their first challenge, we focused our digital marketing expertise on their product location page. The site needed to be more intuitive to make it simpler for shoppers to navigate and purchase the products they wanted. Through redesigned elements and better product placement, new and existing customers can now easily find their favorite flavors.

Improving the product pages was only the first step. To further enhance Calbee's digital marketing efforts, we turned our attention to making the site itself livelier. Through the addition of animated elements, complementary navigations, and eye-catching design, we were able to successfully transform the Harvest Snaps website into a highly functional and intuitive interactive experience. Shoppers are now able to quickly find the products they desire and more importantly engage with the Harvest Snaps global community.