Flexibility and the freedom to evolve rapidly to meet customer demands. These are critical criteria for a well-designed website and digital marketing presence. When Calbee North America wanted to create a new avenue to market their vegetable-based snack products, we were excited to provide flexible solutions built to evolve with a $5 billion healthy snack market.

Honestly Veggie is the new flagship product group for Calbee North America’s latest line of wholesome snack foods. Their plan is to further delineate their brands to make it easier for consumers to navigate their wide range of product offerings. To help them achieve this objective, we set out to build a digital platform that was capable of growing as rapidly as Calbee could create new products that were ready for market.

Intuitive design is key when supporting the introduction of new products. This is important for Honestly Veggie to seamlessly roll out new offerings and critical for customers to be able to consistently find the flavors they love. The functional design of the website takes advantage of user-friendly navigation coupled with delicious design elements that drive home the wholesome nutrition that is synonymous with the Calbee brands.

Delving deeper into the visual design, you’ll see a playful use of fonts along with stunning images that perfectly blend people with nature. This visually exemplifies the core values of Calbee and the Honestly Veggie line of healthy snack foods.

It is their goal to build a global community of healthy people through a harmonious relationship with Mother Nature’s most nutritious vegetables. This is exactly why we helped them design a flexible digital platform. One that provides the ability to adapt to changing market conditions along with the freedom to explore new wholesome snack food combinations to build a healthier planet.