Malai Kitchen

Design Services

Project Overview

Authenticity is a critical ingredient when it comes to growing your business. This is especially true if your business is based on providing authentic Southeast Asian cuisine made primarily from scratch. When Malai Kitchen needed a logo and branding to convey their upscale approach to Thai and Vietnamese food restaurants we knew that credibility would be a critical component. 

Led by the husband and wife duo of Braden and Yasmin Wages, this posh restaurant concept gets its inspiration right from the heart of Southeast Asia. The couple traveled extensively throughout the area and tasted firsthand the wonderful culinary creations from the region. They were inspired to bring these traditions and tastes to the people of Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.

As the centerpiece of the design, we wanted to capture the artistry and architecture of the region. The capital "M" that is the centerpiece of the logo and branding is inspired by the bright colors seen throughout Thailand and the amazing artworks of Vietnam. The shape of the letter is representative of common rooflines as well as the alphabetic writing style of the indigenous peoples. The beauty of the letter is matched only by the depths of its symbolism.

Building upon the foundation of the "M", we were able to work closely with Yasmin and Braden to create a variety of branding elements that could be easily used for signage on their three restaurants, logos for their websites, and letterhead for menus. This exciting brand has been an important part of the company's explosive growth.

The Wages are committed to the authenticity of their cuisine by sourcing quality ingredients and preparing most of their menu items from scratch. This is exactly why we were meticulous in providing digital marketing services for Malai Kitchen that were as authentic as they are.