Noble Otter Soaps

Design Services

Project Overview

When your customer is meticulous about the quality and care that they put in each of their products, you want to be sure to exemplify their standards when it comes to digital marketing design. This was exactly the challenge when it came to providing design services for Noble Otter Soaps.

Purveyors of high-quality grooming products for men, Noble Otter is a young company on the rise. This unique line of shaving soap, aftershave, and bar soaps is the brainchild of soap hobbyist Cody Wick. Based out of Houston, Texas Cody and his team strive to tell a story with each of their products through an amazing olfactory experience.

To help them create these same amazing experiences through their digital marketing, we decided to add an artistic component to the tales told by each tantalizing scent. To accomplish this, we created a playful character that exemplified the name, Noble Otter. The resulting design shows a playful character who flashes a subtle smile while wearing unique outfits that capture the essence of each individual scent.

While the otter himself is the main character in the design, each story unfolds more deeply through the use of design elements that connect it to a different place and time. From the Lonestar Otter that harkens back to the day of the Texas cowboy to the leather capped Pilot Otter that reminds us of the brave folks that first took to the skies, each design strives to make the scent come alive for every Noble Otter customer.

Customers across the land have gravitated to the Noble Otter and his many exciting tales. The design, just like the products they represent, is fun, unique and engaging all at the same time. Of course, the Otter stands ready to wear a new wardrobe for any new products created.

Branding and image is so extremely important. The look of a product is something many use to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Bojana's ability to make our brand come to life has been a vital part to our early success.

- Cody Wick
Noble Otter Soaps Co