Rebell Helse

Design Services

Project Overview

Sometimes simpler is better. This was exactly the case when we set out to help Rebell Helse, a new age health and wellness company, with design services to propel their digital footprint.

Translated as 'Rebel Health', Rebell Helse works with businesses and individuals to help them achieve their goals through non-traditional wellness solutions. Using techniques such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and outdoor activities, they coach their clients to better outcomes and improved lives. When it came to our design services efforts, we wanted to provide the same outcomes for Rebell Helse.

To many, the concepts of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can be complicated. Even though they are growing in popularity, these concepts are either too spiritual or too new-age for the average consumer to fully comprehend. So we set out to create a simpler design framework that would demonstrate the core concepts that form the foundation of the Rebell Helse business model.

Rather than utilizing elements specific to yoga and meditation, we opted to go with an even simpler approach. Since there is certainly a spiritual element to the services Rebell Helse provides, we decided to incorporate this element into the core of the logo design. Drawing upon the ancient symbol of the goddess Athena, we used her image to portray strength through wisdom. To further accentuate this theme, we added the elements of the wise old owl with flowing wings that cradle the goddess.

Too often, digital marketing consultants will overwhelm the brand in an effort to shock and awe consumers. This results in the simple message of the company being lost in the digital carnage. Through our project with Rebell Helse, we were able to elegantly translate the message of improved life outcomes supported through wisdom and spirituality. The resulting design empowered them to reach better business outcomes.

Bojana did a logo for me, and it could not have turned out better. Beautiful design, friendly and prompt communication. I am very pleased, and give Bojana my hoggestabbe recommendation.

- Christine