St. Bernie’s CBD Gum contains only the finest, purest, most natural full spectrum CBD on the market today with no THC. Their CBD hemp grows naturally in the beautiful mountain air of Colorado using absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO tactics. St. Bernie’s takes pride in all of their products because they care for your health!

This is a family business and it was important to show handmade quality as well as their whimsical but mature content. It was clear from beginning that they wanted their logo to be St. Bernie’s dog. A breed of gentle giants and symbol of rescue. It was matter of finding the right style for them as well as direction for label.I focused on creating alert, friendly dog with two color palette. His magnificent fur was great challenge. I decided to accentuate the little keg with medicine with contrasting color.

Once we nailed his fine fur, his alert look and kind nature we moved on label design. We started with label that could be used for different flavors with change of a sticker with different names. It was important for them to be flexible and show more hand touched details. We decided to use illustration as the background. We used authentic scene with Alpine mountains, an evergreen forest and crystal clear lake in the background. I wanted to show stars mirroring in the lake. There is quiet undertone to the label. I used more contrasting color making the center part with the logo and the name stand out.

Second label for specific taste Fire Breath was based on the first. Logo design was changed for this label as we added a fireman’s hat. We began to expand the idea of rescue dogs and adding more content to their story. The idea for the background was to illustrate exploding taste of Cinnamon and Whiskey.

The latest project was for their expansion to cosmetics use of CBD. They introduced Muscle and Body cream. They wanted to keep the brands colors and feel without added illustration being that there was no room for that on the packaging. Muscle cream was dedicated to men mostly and they wanted to express a more masculine look and body cream was opposite with feminine look. The patterns were obvious choice for expressing this.

Bojana created logos and packaging artwork that captures the perfect brand character we had in mind. Customers are drawn to the sincere and comforting images that help drive our sales and market brand. She is a joy to work with and delivers outstanding quality. Thank you Bojana for helping make our company a success!